Quality Fence Products - Our Promise

DELITE Wire Fencing has been delivering quality fence products to perimeter security professionals at affordable costs. Years of experience, a dedicated team are key to building the true spirit of a Quality Fence Company. Quality and consistency in our manufacturing and operations is why fence importers trust us.

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Each batch of DELITE wire fencing products is manufactured to meet strict internal standards. No effort is spared, whether it is about manufacturing processes, packaging, storage or Quality Operations. We have a dedicated team in place to create, enforce and review product compliance with quality fence standards from several areas in the world:
- ASTM Standard Specification for Wire Mesh Fence Fabric. This set of fence quality standards defines the North American steel fence market quality standard.
- EN Steel wire and wire products for fences. This set of wire mesh fabric quality standards is enforced on the European Market.
- BS Specification for steel wire and fences. This set of steel mesh fence quality standards is mostly enforced in the U.K.
- GB Specification for welded and woven wire fencing. This set of wire fencing quality standards is enforced in China.


A top quality fence product is after all, the result of an comprehensive and consistent quality all-over. From raw material purchasing, to delivery, our people ensure the experience of great sales and hassle-free fence imports by abiding to key aspects of the ISO9001 standard. This is why we are able to protect our steel fence importers with warranties on some of our wire mesh product lines.
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All-over Wire Mesh Fabric Quality – in details

At DELITE, our quality approach is focused on:
- Management Systems;
- Product Safety;
- Product Quality;
These are the pillars of our Quality program. Because they are fundamentally interlinked, our offsite and onsite team works tirelessly to improve our overall wire fence quality. Based on both International and National standards, we are able to improve and bring quality fence products to life.

Wire Fencing Management System

Our involvement in quality spans fencing manufacturing stages up to perimeter security solutions after-sales. Considerable efforts are spent minimizing :
- Issues & mistakes made when placing your fence order;
- Issues arising with manufacturing (welding, weaving, coating, forming, packaging);
- Issues arising when purchasing fence accessories from tier suppliers;
- Issues linked to bad handling of packaging print files;
- Issues related to shipping from China & delivery;
- Issues with overall efficiency in handling urgent requests;

Wire Mesh Product Safety

Each batch of wire mesh fabric, steel fence post and accessories is checked for structural integrity and performance. Because the safety of end-consumer is at the heart of DELITE concerns, we never skip testing such as:
- Weld strength
- Wire gauge & post wall thickness
- Coating thickness & adhesion

Wire Mesh Product Quality

Becoming a full fledged quality fence company is hard. In order to stay on top of the game, protect its name and yours, DELITE conducts Product Inspections for each batch that goes out of the production lines. Our wire fencing inspections include the following :
- Fence wire mesh dimensions
- Fence roll or panel Labeling & Packaging
- Wire fence workmanship
- Steel fence Cosmetic quality (the “wow effect”)

Hassle-free Quality Fence Imports

Because fence quality alone is not enough, DELITE pushes for a better, more efficient service. Since our company inception, CUSTOMERS are at the heart of our preoccupations. This is why we tirelessly improve our level our service, decrease our response time and perform better in our operations. Consistency and reliability of our communication with Customers is as important as fence quality.

Making wire mesh fences? Quality talk

At DELITE, we offer a large range of wire mesh products such as :
- Welded Wire Mesh Panels,
- Prefabricated Panels,
- Diamond Mesh Chain Link Fence,
Hexagonal Mesh Chicken Wire,
Coated Steel wire,
- Barded Wire & Razor Wire,
- Steel fence posts
- Steel fence accessories
Each of them involves a specific manufacturing process, and quality fence check. We tirelessly work hand in hand with the manufacturing department to come up with standards, enforce them and implement fence quality checkpoints. We deliver the assurance of a conforming fence product to all our Fence buyers.