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Proudly competing with top chain link fencing manufacturers

For years on end, DELITE Wire Fencing has been delivering quality woven wire mesh fencing to clients worldwide. We have been honing our skills to become one of the most competitive chain link fencing manufacturers.

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DELITE's chain link fences are made with carefully selected carbon straightened steel wire, processed to desired gauge and fed through a spinning blade, and woven into a continuous wire mesh netting. Efficient, reliable, and secure manufacturing process and equipment for great chain wire netting!


DELITE offers chain link products in 18 to 8 gauge and 25mm (1'') to 100mm (4'') mesh. Chain wire importers can choose between GAW, GBW and coated wire mesh netting finish. Additionally, our team assists in creating, developing, and running batches of innovative chain link posts designs and anchoring systems.
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Chain Link Weaving

From simple, modest wire rolls, we are able to make beautifully woven wire netting made on chain link weavers with single or double wire winding. Unlike welded mesh fences, chain wire netting is entirely woven, or knitted on high-speed machinery. Chain link weaving dates back to 1844, which means we build up on the knowledge of many chain link fencing manufacturers before us. Today’s top chain link fencing manufacturing technology enables us to reach high output levels coupled with low defect rate. Nevertheless, we still maintain chain link weaver operators to monitor the weaving process, troubleshoot and maintain.

Chain Wire Fence Specifications

Chain wire fence is maybe the cheapest & sturdiest perimeter fencing solution to this day. Highly versatile, chain link fence specifications vary greatly depending on the application. When searching for a chain link fence manufacturer near, best is to ensure that they can deliver the specifications your project or end users require. Here are some of the most standard chain wire specifications we deliver:
- Chain link wire mesh: 2” to 3/8” (50 to 10mm). Wider the mesh, shorter is the time needed for intruders to make an opening and penetrate through the chain wire fence.
- Chain link wire gauge: 6ga to 12ga (5.0 – 2.65mm). Thinner the steel wire, cheaper chain link fence. Thicker the steel wire, higher the wire break strength.
- Chain link wire coating: chain link fence is protected by a first layer of thick zinc-coating. DELITE also delivers colored PE or PVC coated chain wire fencing products.
- Chain link wire selvage: Knuckle and or twist. Both available depending on Client, and application. I.e. : for 2” (50mm) chain link fence knuckle finish at one end, twist finish at the other. Also called K&T.

Chain Wire Fence Compliance

Chain Link Fence and accessories have to meet specific criteria set by countries or international agencies. DELITE stance on compliance is firm : SAFETY comes first, PRICING second.
Woven wire mesh used in our chain link fence can meet the following standards:
- GB/T 26941
- ASTM A392
- EN 10223-6
Importing cheap chain link wire fence is one thing. There is an abundance of chain mesh fencing suppliers that do not even attempt to understand their target market. Intimate knowledge of chain wire safety, good manufacturing practices, and minimum acceptable specifications are what brings satisfaction to our chain link buyers.

Chain Link Fence Accessories

DELITE Chain link Fence comes with accessories fit to your market habits and expectations. Our team works full time to keep on top of fencing installation and new fencing products. From top chain link posts, caps, bracings, tensioning wire, tensioner, tension bar, safety top and even privacy slats. You name it, we quote it.


Our company strives to provide the best service a chain link fence manufacturer can to its customers. We certainly put a lot of efforts in making sure that we meet our Clients expectations in terms of Value, Price, Payment Terms and Delivery Time. In the recent years, we grown even more confident that partnership is the way to go. Whether your fence importing business caters to fence installers or chain stores and public bids, we service to the best of our ability.
Because we strongly believe that Trust is hard to build, and easy to lose, we tirelessly work to be proficient and bring as few hassles as possible to Buyers. This is how we differentiate from other chain mesh fencing suppliers.


The chain link manufacturing line starts with big coils of GI wire, decoiled and straightened before they are fed into straightening mold. The weaving process is done inside an automatic weaving machine. The wire is fed into reels, spinned before the weaving begins. The weaving process is quite fast accurate, thus bringing a high production capacity. A seasoned operator is responsible for monitoring the whole weaving process. It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure to troubleshoot the line and segregate unqualified items.

Woven wire fabric is trimmed into selvage after being interlaced. The cutting process is done on the chain link weaver. In some cases, cutting and packaging may also be finished simultaneously. According to clients' request, cleaning, galvanizing and coating happen before or after weaving.

All DELITE woven wire mesh rolls are manufactured and packed according to specific market and clients demand. We are a mature woven wire mesh fence supplier and exporter. We offer both wholesale and retail-ready packaging. We are always proud of the ability to customize packaging for our clients.

The difference between GAW and GBW

GAW, Galvanized After Weaving

Steel wires are woven into diamond shapes before galvanizing process. After forming into a flat chain link mesh fabric, it will go through be placed in molten zinc bath. During zinc coating, the wire mesh fabric is covered all over. The zinc coating increases greatly resistance to rust. Anti-corrosion performance is quite strong. GAW fencing will last many years on end. For businesses who aim at commercial and public projects, with a raw metal finish, GAW is a perfect choice.

GBW, or Galvanized Before Weaving

GBW, also called “pre-galv weaving“, is more economical than GAW. Galvanization is done before wires are proceed in the chain link weaver. It also provides a good corrosion resistance. Generally, GBW is preferred for projects with tight budgets or for residential and commercial applications involving plastic coating.


  • What type of weave is the hurricane fence mesh?
    Hurricane mesh fabric (or chain link fabric) is made of a specific wave that interlocked spirals. It is different from plain weave mesh or lock crimp weave for that matter.

  • What is the difference between chain link fencing system and chain link fabric?
    Chain link fabric is by definition woven metal wire mesh. It is made of galvanized steel wire, can be vinyl coated. The wire is twisted and woven into a diamon pattern that creates a strong and flexible mesh fabric. While chain link fabric serves as the primary material for constructing fences, a fencing system incorporates fencing posts, rails, anchors, accessories and hardware to ensure proper installation and functionality. Top chain link fencing manufacturers usually deliver complete chain link fencing systems as well as diamond fence fabric.

  • How does automatic weaving machinery improve chain link fence fabric cost-efficiency?
    As one of the top chain link fencing manufacturers, DELITE uses wire mesh weaving machines that requires less human intervention. Automatism in fencing machinery not only ensures precision and accuracy but also increases output. Coupled with a lean quality assurance program DELITE creates competitiveness.

  • How does DELITE stay competitive when it comes to cyclone fence?
    Overall, through continuous improvement efforts, rigorous quality control measures, customization options, and dedicated customer service, DELITE ensures that its cyclone fence remains competitive to chaink link fence Buyers while meeting the ever-changing demands of the market.