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Wire Mesh Fence and Metal Fence Global Market Data

Yan Shao February 25, 2021 1 minutes

In 2020 the global fence market was valued at 28 billion USD. While U.S fencing market was valued at 7.5 billion USD. Metal fencing exports are the highest compared to wood, composite, and concrete throughout 2019 to 2020. Residential market as well as construction industry registered a sustained growth throughout the last years. Data reveals that governmental organizations and public projects bids make up a large part of wire mesh fences exports from China.


About China, the country is expected to register a rapid and strong growth domestically. Although the country’s stance on security is still strict, the need to delimitate spaces, control population flows within cities is big. Wire mesh fence exports value is still strong (181,139,427.00 USD exported worldwide VS 7,650,208.00 USD imported from the U.S) even though shipping rates from China are still abnormally high.


COVID-19 related disruption is still obvious in March 2021. Especially the disruption in the logistics chain. Now that China’s manufacturing has fully recovered, the country has witnessed a slide in orders usually placed overseas firsthand. As a result, wire mesh fence suppliers in China, such as Delite Garden Supplies, are seeing an increase in number and volume of orders from metal fence importers mainly in North America, Europe.


However, being at the front lines of woven or welded wire mesh fence manufacturing and exports has exposed us to face unusual delays in shipments from China to the rest of the world and adapt accordingly. Delite Garden Supplies will stand by its delivery schedule, although we may still have to cope with container shortages and bottlenecks at ports.

Yan Shao
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