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2022 Top 10 Metal Fence Suppliers and Manufacturers

Yan Shao April 30, 2022 3 minutes


Metal fence prices rose to an unprecedented level in 2020. Many metal fence importers have had to face both increase in raw materials, and freight rates. 2021 steel prices were on the up again, and according to our own network, it is not going to stop anytime soon. In 1st quarter 2021 alone, China’s steel exports skyrocketed to a 4-year’s high.

While iron ore (used to make steel), and scrap steel almost doubled in 2020, the international demand is still high. China’s early recovery and strict COVID-19 measures allowed them to push for a quick and strong reopening of factories. In the U.S, exports are showing a slow increase, 0.9% in Feb 2021. 

COVID-19 induced economic instability has had more than one wire mesh fence importer think twice about diversify or downright re-placing its metal fence supplier base. Such a crisis will definitely expose flaws and shortcomings of existing steel mesh products vendors. In this light, we thought the time was right to compile a list of the top metal fence suppliers and manufacturers. Happy reading and purchasing to you!


1. BetaFence: Market leader in perimeter systems and fence products

BetaFence is regarded as a leading manufacturer of steel fencing supply in the globe. The company has more than 135 years of experience dealing with fence and security solutions, and now operates 8 manufacturing sites in different countries. Ideal choice for businesses and large projects.


2. Red Brand: A striving steel and fence manufacturer since 1889

Red Brand is a reliable fence supplier with a long history. It’s one of the leading steel fence manufacturers in the US. At Red Brand, businesses and customers will find wire fencing products suitable for pets, livestock, home and garden.


3. Delite Wire Fencing: A Top Metal Fence Supplier  

Delite Wire Fencing is a dependable supplier who has been manufacturing and exporting steel wire metal fences to more than 20 countries. Aiming at wholesaler, retailer and chain stores, Delite Garden Supplies always strives for top quality. From the start of selecting raw materials to the loading process, the team closely track and follow up.

Not only remarkable wire fence products, but also affordable prices and trustful services. Factory direct, OEM and ODM welcome. In year 2020, Delite Garden wire mesh fence series gained a 95% rate of “Satisfied” from international business partners.


4. Jerith Manufacturing Company: Aluminum fence supply for business

Jerith Manufacturing Company offers a variety of aluminum steel fence in terms of style and color. Highly customizable. Business owners are free to choose from industrial fence or garden fences that suit their target market most.


5. Bekaert

Bekaert specializes in steel wire manufacturing, targeting at business buyers. The company works in earnest to help their partners grow steel wire market in both construction and consumer goods.


6. Long Fence

Long Fence is a reliable residential and commercial fence supplier. The company serves different kinds of businesses with a wide range of steel fence solutions, such as garden wire fence, fence panels, temporary fences…etc. They are good at design, installation and maintenance.


7. Fence Wholesale

Fence Wholesale is based in Pennsylvania, serving fence business and homeowners across the US. They have a full line of steel wire fences of various applications, such a chain link and gates. Easy and convenient for fence and material wholesale buying.


8. Swan Fence

Swan Fence is a Los Angeles chain link manufacturer, one of the AFA (American Fence Association) members. The company is doing great in quality material and services. Wide selections for retail and wholesale purchasing.


9. Critter Fence

Critter Fence specializes in non-electric wire fence for garden and animals. Cat fence, dog fence, deer fence… A grand category of professional fence solution with wholesale price. Critter Fence products will definitely meet and satisfy clients’ need.


10. Eastern Wholesale Fence

Eastern Wholesale Fence is a B2B wholesaler and supplier of fence and related products. The company only sells to businesses, brands and retail stores alike at favorable price. Quite competitive and worthy choice.


Thinking about diversifying your wire mesh fence supplier base? Or maybe developing a new fence range with a new wire mesh fence manufacturer? Delite Garden Supplies has the potential to meet your requirements technically and economically!

Yan Shao
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